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Trailer Axles

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Trailer Axles

An axle plays a central role where braking, steering, and driving are concerned. Primarily, it’s a shaft on which the wheels are mounted. In that position, the axle sustains wheel alignment, bears the weight of the vehicle and cargo, and secures the positioning of gears. As such, axle specifications play a vital role in determining the handling capabilities and the load potential of a trailer.

At Standard Axle, we stock a variety of axle parts, including spring lads, axle tubes, nylon lock nuts, and spindle washers. Customers looking to replace their trailer axles can find the necessary parts from us and even choose from a number of brands. 

What are the Different Types of Trailer Axles?

There are many types of axles, including coil springs, spring, trailing arm, rubber compression, and torsion. However, torsion and spring are the most commonly used on trailers.

  • Spring Axles – This type is designed with flat spring stock that is stacked proportionally to the load. The springs are placed underneath the axle, which improves load stability by decreasing the trailer’s ride height. Parts on these axles, such as the springs, can be individually detached, allowing for easy maintenance and repair.
  • Torsion Axles – For this type, long rubber cords are used instead of steel springs. These cords are found in a square tube, surrounding an inner piece which is attached to the torsion arms. With torsion axles, there isn’t much need for maintenance besides lubricating the wheel bearings. They’re also quieter during travel compared to spring axles due to the lack of metal-on-metal contact.

Maintaining Trailer Axles

Lubrication plays a major role in keeping axles in good working condition. It prevents corrosion and friction between the moving parts, which may cause them to break down. The wheel bearings should always be well greased to allow the wheels to rotate freely.

To lubricate the wheel bearings, you start by removing the rubber plug found on the ends, then insert a grease gun on the zerk. Next, you need to pump until you see new grease, then replace the rubber plug.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing Trailer Axles?

You need to consider the following when looking for axles:

  • The trailer’s gross vehicle weight, which includes that of the intended cargo. This information will let you know what capacity your axles should be and how many you need.
  • Spring length is important in spring axles as it determines the distance of load support available. Longer ones are better at absorbing bumps on uneven terrains and contribute to even distribution of the load.

At Standard Axle, we have snap rings for varying shafts, and spring pads suitable for different axle tube sizes and shapes. This allows customers to choose parts that conform to the specifications of the axles they wish to build.

Build a Strong Axle

If you want to rebuild trailer axles, Standard Axle has got you covered. Our products are available at competitive prices, with an option to make your order over the phone. Give us a call today on 519-451-1116 for more details about the parts and accessories we have on offer.

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